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A french jumpsuit from the 80's with an amazing embroidey on the back entirely made by hand! Inspired by a mix of vintage advertizings from travel agencies and artwork by Seiichi Hayashi. It took one full month to embroider this piece!
Unique piece, size M.

"Japanese Girl" Jumpsuit


Work in progress

The term "Bosozoku" is used in japan to describe gangs of young bikers in the 1970-1980s. "Boso" means "wild race", or  "reckless driving", and "Zoku" means "clan." This counter culture, strongly influenced by American culture, especially the Hells Angels, is associated to the tuning of vehicles and a specific dress code. 

I was struck by the Bosozoku gang's clothes while readind Fumiaki Fukuda's "One night carnival". The numerous inscriptions on the back of their jackets reminded me of our school books, school bags, and calendars we had back when we were in secondary school. From small drawings to lyrics of your favorite songs, but also peace and love or anarchy signs, you find the little signs revealing your cultural interests (favorite bands, comic books character etc...)

I mixed together the Bosozoku style and my own tennage memories (mainly focusing on what I loved back then), having in mind TV shows such as Son of Anarchy or movies like Crows Zero. That's how I launched the Bosozoku collection. Vintage blue overalls turned jackets, impressive embroideries, unique pieces that require an average of 600 hours of work. 

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