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Dress « Something Blue »

1940s silk wedding dress, entirely embroidered by hand with a dozen songs, the list of which is as follows:
C’mon Billy (PJ Harvey), Into my Arms (Nick Cave), Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen), In my Own Particular Way (Marianne Faithfull), Nothern Star (Hole), The Bed Song (Amanda Palmer), Love Song (The Cure), Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks), Crucify (Tori Amos)
Size : 34-36. Unique piece.
About love songs, first and in a few words : aany song can become a love song. I picked some of my favorite (there’s so many more but at the moment i had these in mind).
The powerful thing about songs is that they can represent parts of your life, remind you of someaone, of a felling, wheter it be regrets, happiness or anger. But the song itself… you will love it regardless.
A song can inspire different feelings and can have different meanings throughout your life.
Even if that dress is (and was) supposed to be a wedding dress, we all know the truth about it…
Bt that dress, just like a song, will remain yours because it’s not only about the cut, but also about one of these songs that speaks to you. That song will be there for the rest of your life. It’s a part of you, a part of your life so you will never forget it. One of the songs on that dress brings back my best and worst memory at the same time, but the song wins every time. I love this song and it will be my partner forever. During all the hours spent embroidering that dress, I had these songs playing in my head, and evrey song takes me back, to the good and the bad. Especially after the bad, the fact is i still love the song.
It is kind of the same as wedding vows « i promise to remain faithful to you in happiness and in trials, in healthand in sickness, to love you everyday of my life ». It goes the same way with your personal relationship with a song .
This dress is my proof of eternal love of songs.


work in progress

Vintage collection ^^

This collection is entirely made of unique pieces.

Each support has been found at the Saint Ouen market in the north of Paris.

These clothes are mainly from the 30s, to the 80s, blue overalls, military jackets, workwear etc... and I have added handmade embroideries to give a new life to this vintage selection.

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