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"Mahou stage Fancy Lala" Jacket

Vintage French military jacket (1958) embroidered by hand, directly inspired by the Cellulo bought in Japan, Cellulo is provided with the jacket ^^

Jacket in very good conditions, many details!

Size: S/M

Only one! Unique piece!


Work in progress

That's Miki Yumeno from "Mahou Stage fancy Lala", she's basically Lala's famous pop idol rival. This cell is from episode 17, where Miki is supposed to report in a town for a documentary, but the interviewer got sick, wich the locals blame on the local "kappa" water imp legend. At one point Mikki buys a drink and wanders off following what she thinks it's a rabbit, only to get lost in the forest. This cell is from when she gets starteld, before she encounters something and passes out, with Lala coming in later to take her place for the show and solve the mistery. 

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