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"Good Morning" Shirt

Vintage blue shirt from the 70s.
Two pocket on the front.
Size 38 (French) but can fit for 36 or 40.
Back entirely embroidered by hand, inspired by  Namura Daisuke (japanese illustrator).
Unique piece ! Unique size.

See below for more information.

Work in progress

 Vintage collection  ^^

This collection consists entirely of unique pieces.

each has been found at the flea market, often at the Saint Ouen market in the north of Paris or in London.

These clothes are mainly from the 1930s, 1960s and 1980s and have all been adapted - an apron has been reworked as a skirt, blue overalls as a jacket (Bosozoku collection) etc... We've re-cut them, reworked them and added embroidery by hand to give a new life to this vintage selection.

Our love for fashion and antiquities makes this a very special collection.

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