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Who am I ? Where am I ? Where I'll go ?


Welcome, here Pain melon !


Pain melon ... isn't it a japanese delicacy ? Why yes, indeed (and by the way it's delicious)^^ It's also the name of a french brand.


Drawing their inspiration from japanese culture and tradition
as well the geek community, Maurice & Bernard, the house's mascots, mix these influences with a french touch to other original clothing


Entirely made in France, all of our embroidery is made by hand and incorporate vintage lace, making each piece unique.


Pain melon is like a childhood memory, playing hide and seek with your friends before the afternoon snack ...


You see ? we're already friends ! we're going to have a fabulous life together ^^


Pain melon's team


Vintage Collection

Dadou wearing "Bosozoku jacket n°2".

Vintage blue french worker jacket fully re embroidered by hand. 

Dadou wearing "Japanese Girl jumpsuit".

Vintage jumpsuit made of denim from the 80's fully re embroidered by hand.

From left to right: Natacha wearing "Magical Girl" hoodie & Cléa wearing "Creamy" hoodie.

A collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies fully embroidered.

Natacha & Cléa wearing "Ricardo's sisters" tops.

Handmade tops made with vintage fabrics and patterns from the 80's.

The « Badass Girls » collection is inspired by all the strong and sexy female characters from manga, comics … see more

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